Software solutions

Well-designed and customised software doesn't always have to be expensive and it can reduce your operational costs and improve the effectiveness of your company's administration.

Gateway IT Solutions is specialised in creating customised software solutions for administrative purposes such as management information systems varying from a complete financial administration to guest reservation systems. We can design and develop software tailor made for your company's needs.

User friendly layout

Our products are designed to provide the end-user with a comfortable and easy to use experience. The menus and forms are build up in a functional and logical way and a multi-language user interface can be implemented.

Import and export data

Our products are fully compatible with Microsoft Office and options can be implemented to easily import and/or export data from and to Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Excel.

Single or multi-user environment

Our products can be designed for a single-user as well as a multi-user environment and we can incorporate different levels of user rights into the products to ensure data protection.

Modular design

If extra functionality is required by our customers, extra modules/functions can always be added, even after the product is already completed and in use.